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Rollenförderer in Halle

With KSI on new paths in the logistics industry

Kurt Schuhmacher Industriemontagen has already worked for various international logistics groups. In the process, we implemented projects at airports and locations throughout Europe to ensure smooth parcel distribution. In addition to the maintenance and servicing of various transport systems, the innovative adaptation of roller conveyors as well as the design and construction of so-called clearing bridges are particularly worthy of mention.


The “T-Spur” is a mobile and walkable roller conveyor which is used where stationary conveyor systems cannot be installed due to lack of space. The walk-on surfaces of the T-Spur are folded up for transport.

KS Industriemontagen has completely revised this already common system and, among other things, fitted the folding side sections with appropriately designed gas pressure dampers. This offers the advantage that the heavy accessible surfaces slide easily to the ground when folded out and no longer fall to the ground unchecked. The aim of this design is to eliminate the risk of injury and material damage to the building. When folded together, the parts slide back up without much effort. This makes it possible to work in a way that is easy on the back.

The new system fulfils all existing requirements of EU work and safety standards and has been tested according to the BetrSichV. We certify this with a badge and a certificate.

Our T-Spurs are already successfully in use at several German locations. Further locations are in planning.

Clearing bridge

In cooperation with one of the world’s largest logistics partners, we have designed, manufactured and installed a so-called Clearing Bridge. These “bridges” are already in use at a first major German airport in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia).

A fast and safe access to the more than 100 m long conveyor belts is of great importance due to the high volume of parcels. Via the individual bridges, many locations are easily and safely accessible. This means that possible package jams can be cleared as quickly as possible so as not to jeopardise the continuous operation of the belts.

KS Industriemontagen is in use at several German locations of the logistics partner. Further projects have already been commissioned.

+49 (0) 2845 94938 0