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Electrical installation in the port of Rotterdam

For our client Gefeba Engineering we carried out the electrical installation of several conveyor belts and a barge loader in the port of Rotterdam. In the field of conveyor belts we took over the entire cable route construction, installed the converters and switchgears in the switchgear houses and assembled control stations and switch cabinets. For the electrification of the barge loader, our team around project manager Marco Tsicher and the installation managers Falk Rheinhardt and Dirk Frye brought in the switchgear and transformer house and created the corresponding low-voltage connections including the transformer connection. The colleagues also implemented the cable tension and connection as well as the entire route construction on the ship loader on site. The approximately 1 kilometre long hybrid low-voltage line was then laid.

The team was particularly affected by the winter weather conditions in the port of Rotterdam during the six-month project phase. However, the approximately 4-hectare construction site, the large cable cross-sections, the special health and safety regulations and the heavy contamination of the construction site due to coal and ore loading in the port also made this brownfield project a special challenge.

Our order volume for Gefeba Engineering was rounded off by all necessary measurements and documentation of the entire project.

  • Client: Gefeba Engineering
  • Customer: EECV
  • Place of installation, country: Rotterdam, NL
  • Duration: June 2019 – January 2020
+49 (0) 2845 94938 0