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Holzkurier-Zeitschrift mit Kurt Schuhmacher Beitrag

KS Industriemontagen is concentrating on the sawmill industry – An Interview with the Holzkurier –

KS Industriemontagen is already well known in the wood-based materials industry. “It was the next logical step for us to provide our services in the sawing industry, too.” explains H.-J. Sommer, Managing Director of KS Industriemontagen.

In the interview, which was published in the Holzkurier on November 19th, 2020, H.-J. Sommer describes the extensive service package that is already being offered to customers in the sawmill industry.

In addition to assembly and disassembly, repairs and service, Kurt Schuhmacher also offers a wide range of independent consulting services.
The implementation is possible not least due to the industry experts Jürgen Heinzelmann and Michael Jensen. Both have many years of experience in the sawmill and pellet industry.

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